Richland County has proposed signs for the gateway entrance to Decker Boulevard as called for by the master plan. The proposed dimensions and designs are below. Please take time to email the distribution list and let us know your thoughts.

Size option A:

Footprint of sign: 20’ x 5’

Total column height: 7’

Size option B:

Footprint of sign: 11’ x 4’

Total column height: 6’

Size option C:

Footprint of sign: 3.5’ x 3.5’

Total column height: 5’

Design Option 1:

Design Option 2:

The Decker Boulevard Business Coalition has elected officers for the year 2011.

Sylvia T. Hanna is the founder and past president of the coalition. Mrs. Hanna and her husband, Marion, own and operate the Hanna Business Center and the State Farm Insurance Agency on Decker Boulevard. Mrs. Hanna led the coalition through the Richland County Master Plan study and through it’s becoming a 501(C)3 which has prepared the coalition to position itself in a place to make a big impact on the businesses and communities on Decker Boulevard.

James Manning was elected as the new president. James is a resident of the Brookfield Neighborhood where he serves as president and founder of the Brookfield Neighborhood Association.

Eunika Simons was re-elected to the Vice-President position. Eunika brings a background in managing non profits and currently works with Richland Two as part of its community outreach program.

Patrick Palmer was re-elected to the position of treasurer. Patrick is the President of I.A.P. Company, LLC which owns a vast amount of land on Decker Boulevard and throughout the northeast.

The position of secretary is vacant.

The DBBC welcomes Fred Kotoske and Taco Bell to the corner of  Trenholm Road and Decker Boulevard.  The new Taco Bell restaurant will replace the dilapidated structure that previously resided on that corner.  Fred is going to allow Richland County to install a gateway sign welcoming folks to the Decker International Corridor.  This effort has been spearheaded by Richland County Councilman Jim Manning.  Residents and businesses along the corridor appreciate Fred, Taco Bell, and Richland County Council for their efforts in improving Decker Boulevard!  There is more information in the article published by The State Newspaper

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